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Swimming Pool

Cost to build a swimming pool

There are two types of swimming pools – the above and the in-ground varieties. We will look at the costs associated with the installation of both kinds of modern swimming pools.

According to Global Pace Limited the average cost of a 19′ diameter above ground swimming pool is $6,243; while the average cost of a 32’x16′ inground swimming pool is $21,919.

Some manufacturers insist that an experienced homeowner could feasibly build the pool on their own, generally it is advisable to pay a professional to tackle the project. Additionally, pools will usually only come with a three year warranty or life span which translates to a huge amount of financial commitment for a very short-term feature.

Cost breakdown

Typical costs and materials necessary to professionally install swimming pools include:

  • Above Ground – sold as kits or by professional pool companies, these will require some site preparation that could include the need to level the area and provide access to electrical service. Remember, all swimming pools will need at least a pump to ensure water is circulated and cleaned, and these are usually powered by electricity. The costs of above ground pools have already been addressed, and most will come with pump, filter systems, and ladders; or
  • In-Ground – when pools are built as in-ground models the costs will automatically increase due strictly to the fact that site preparation is expansive and materials are significant too. Most pools begin with the liner, and they can be made from vinyl or fiberglass. The vinyl is the least expensive with a standard cost of $25,700. The fiberglass bumps up the costs to $31,400 on average. There are also concrete and gunite pools that require around $29,600 to $50,000 to install. Most in-ground pools will also demand some sort of surrounding patio installation as well as a need for fencing (as required by law in many areas of the world).

Additional considerations and cost

  • Accessories – In addition to the pump, ladders, and filters already mentioned, both kinds of pools will need cleaning tools and brushes, vacuum assemblies, covers, and chemicals. Many will also need handrails, thermometers and even heaters. These costs start at roughly $400, and can easily reach well into the thousands. For example:
    • Solar heater – the cost of a solar heating assembly can seem exorbitant (usually starting around $5000), but over the life of any swimming pool there will be much more energy consumed by the needs of the heater, and this is a primary reason to consider using a solar heating system for pool water;
  • Chemicals – between the chlorine pH testing strips, and other materials, the average pool owner spends roughly $80 per month for above ground swimming pools and $95 per month for inground swimming pools.

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