Diaspora Invest

Helping you in your investment plans and ideas by placing money into the rightful use for your retirement in Uganda. It’s hard to trust an individual to handle your personal finances, and especially in Uganda, many workers from Uganda, have problems with their family members, money sent is misused. With our trusted professionals and engagement of lawyers, you will realize your reality and dreams into a tangible project during handover.

When remittances are not used for immediate consumption needs, they can be saved and invested to the benefit of the local economy of the worker’s country of origin.


The following investment ideas are for you

a) Housing project

Many people working in diaspora have lost millions of dollars or shillings in housing investment by trusting their own relatives or spouse and this has turned out to be a loss, many have gone into stressful life.

b) Finance Credit Project

You can become money lender to the institutions, SACCOS and VSLAs to the registered companies with fixed interest rates, leaving your money idle in bank accounts inflation can one day hit the country and you will equally loss the money value you hoped for, and this burden by then would have already been switched the burden to another company who holds your money.

c) Legal contract

With our professional team, trust us we will make your dreams hold benefit for you and your projects.

Our policies are clear, we sign a legal binding agreement with you and for construction projects, professional architects to design your dream house. And we can also manage any other business products and services to help realize your dream.

We have 6 years in engineering and various service projects undertaken, have a look at our clients’ lists feel free to conduct them for reference

d) Solution

We have an investment plan to rescue and support your housing dream and management plan of the entire project from plan, site inspection, construction to handover and your relatives and spouse will act as co-supervisors and witnesses. send us an e-mail now or call us +256 393 516 243 WhatsApp +256 753 927 432