Garden Service

Garden Service

Looking for a complete overhaul for your garden or need a hand keeping your existing garden in great condition?

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Lawn Maintenance

Is your lawn looking worse for wear? It may be that it is lacking in essential nutrients, infested by lawn-loving bugs or perhaps the grass roots are suffering from compacted soil and don’t have room to grow.

Our lawn maintenance services can help alleviate these problems, with an on-going programme that will help to keep your lawn in excellent condition.


Hollow-Tine Aeration

A process where thousands of cores are removed from the lawn, reducing the compaction of the soil and therefore giving the roots the moisture, air and nutrients they need to be able to spread and flourish.


If your lawn is covered in moss, this treatment is ideal. We remove the thatch from the surface to allow more airflow, which in turn improves the growing conditions for the grass. It also helps moisture get to the root area, which keeps the grass hydrated.
Lawn Feeding

Lawn Feeding

Mid-spring is the best time to give your lawn a good feed after the long winter months. We will treat your lawn with fertiliser to increase vigour and help prevent weeds and moss from establishing. If the soil is dry or rain is not imminent, we will water in the treatment to help it disperse down into the soil. Sometimes a lawn needs more than one treatment – usually between late spring and late summer. We will repeat the treatment so that it gives the lawn a head start as we go into the autumn and winter months.

Grass Cutting

The hustle and bustle of daily life can be such that just keeping the lawn cut in the growing months can be a chore that is one too many on those precious weekends. Let us do it for you!

Don’t let the little things get on top of you. We offer a grass cutting service, whereby we will visit you weekly, fortnightly or how often you choose, at pre-determined times (subject to weather conditions) to mow the lawn, neaten the edges and clear up grass clippings, leaving your lawn ready for you to sit on and enjoy.


Your Perfect Lawn


Whether you have a piece of uncultivated garden that you wish to turn into a lawn or a lawn that is so badly worn that re-turfing is the best option, Francis Rose can sort it for you!

We only use good quality turf which is raised from seed for the best, long-lasting results. As there are a number of grades within these parameters, we will discuss your requirements with you to make sure that we choose the right variety to suit your needs.

Tailored to You

We will ascertain how you wish to use your lawn, for example: if it’s for children to play on then a turf that is hard wearing is better or if it is not heavily used, then a fine turf might be more suitable.

Turf should be laid when the soil is warm and moist. Autumn is the best time, although it can be laid in the Spring as long as there is plenty of water available to help it become established.

Tree & Shrub Pruning

At Global Pace, we offer a pruning service as part of our garden services range, to keep your trees and shrubs looking good.

Whatever type of hedge or hedges you have, we can help to keep them looking their very best. Don’t worry about mess! We’ll clear up all the cuttings and dispose of them afterwards, leaving your garden looking neat and tidy.

Tailored to You

Hedges that are already established require trimming to keep them dense and compact whereas new hedges need frequent trimming to help them grow into an optimum shape and size. Whatever type of hedge or hedges you have, we can help to keep them looking their best and avoid them spreading too far into the garden or onto the pavement in front of the house.


Hedges that have a more formal shape usually require 2 -3 trims per year, whereas informal hedges require 1-2 trims per years depending on the type of hedge and its growth rate.